Wednesday, July 16, 2008

San Antonio Part 1

Hubby and I celebrated 4th of July in San Antonio. This is a shot of our view from part of the drive to San Antonio. Not sure what this is, but there were fields with it all over. The gold against the green against the blue were so beautiful.

Before we reached San Antonio, we made a pit stop at the huge outlet in San Marcos. This, folks, is where the GPS swore the outlet would be - apparently on the railroad track in the middle of nowhere on the wrong road in the wrong direction.

Thanks to Hubby's phenomenal navigation skills (why did we get that GPS in the first place??), we did indeed find the outlet, and after a bit of shopping, we continued on our way to San Antonio.

We stayed at the Hotel Contessa. While researching it, lots of people mentioned many weddings happening nearby at Marriage Island. Since the island is close by, they said lots of wedding guests stay at the Hotel Contessa. Well, I thought HUGE when they said island. I was so wrong. Here's the island.

Here's a close-up from our river tour. See the tree in the center and the black metal sculpture? That's the island. That couple to the left is walking on the sidewalk that separates the island from our hotel. Not what I expected.

Since it was 4th of July, I thought the photo below was only fitting. I think it's a restaurant seating area. And, see those gray skies? Well, the area was in a drought, so the big 4th of July firework celebration was canceled. Lucky for us, though, it rained every day while we were there. Boo.

No worries, though. We celebrated by ourselves just fine with a nice bottle of Celebration wine that we picked up on our trip to Asheville.