Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lighting Transformation

My place was seriously lacking in the chic lighting department. Stylish, unique lamps are so expensive these days. One night while perusing my many favorite blogs I found a lamp I loved on outblush.com. The lamp was Thomas Paul's Marie Aqua Lamp and it retailed for $306. I needed two lamps for either side of our couch so that would bring the lovely lighting endeavor to over 600 bucks! Aside from that, even though I loved the blues and greens in his lamp, it just would not work with our color scheme.

The day after finding my ideal lamp online, fate led me to Urban Outfitter's website where I found a very similarly styled lamp. Immediately, my mind was thinking of a way to transform this lamp into one that would replicate the expensive version and fit our decor. A few indecisive days later, I bit the bullet and ordered two. A few days after that, armed with a can of spray paint, I set out to transform the discounted bright green bases into a chocolate lacquered style. I am happy to say that the lamps came out great, and they look awesome with the Pottery Barn shades I purchased seperately. I think it has a very similar look to my ideal lamp but with my own touch to it. What do you think?

**Urban Outfitters no longer has the bright green bases, but solid white ones are available, and depending on your decor you may not have to spray them!