Monday, February 18, 2008

Welcome to Coveiter!

This blog is the right-brain child of two graphic designer friends who aspire to live with style and surround themselves with tasteful designs. It is our hope to bring you fresh, inspiring ideas for breathing sophistication into day-to-day life so that you may envelop your world with beauty.

No doubt you must be wondering what exactly coveiter means and how we came to name our little corner of the world wide web as such. It was a long debated topic, our blog name. As are many designers, we are both perfectionists at heart. Tossing around ideas lead us down many roads. One of which lead us to the appeal of the word: covet. Even though this word was likeable it was a bit too easy, too simple, too done! A little research into the French heritage we both share led us to the Old French verb, coveiter meaning desire avidly. Suddenly the pieces of our descriptive puzzle fell into place, and was born.

Desire is a part of everyone's life, and the objects of such vary with each person. Our wish or desire is to present our reader's with a look at what is worth coveting, wishing for and drooling over. This small world we live in is filled with possibilities and opportunities to surround ourselves with beauty. Check in daily to find objects, ideas, and inspiration worth lusting over.