Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Beautiful Candles

I found these wonderful candles at a local boutique. The container is so beautifully designed and the scents smell very yummy and fill the room so nicely. They last forever too! Something like 90 hours of burning time.

Even though there's no company name on them anywhere, for months I searched high and low for these candles online so that I could purchase more of the scents that are now sold out locally. Well, today, I finally found them at Plush Pod!

Below is Sweet Balsam in our guest bathroom. It's nearly the exact shade of our shower curtains. And yes, that's probably the biggest reason I bought it. According to the website, "Sweet Balsam: smells of fresh cut evergreens mixed with spring bulbs."

I also have Sea Spray in our master bath. "Sea Spray evokes the crips, fresh scent of salty sea air." It is a very clean scent.

My favorite is Jasmin Tea. It smells "warm and rich with fruity undertones." During the holidays, it was the perfect scent. Jasmin Tea is pictured below to the left.

There are so many beautiful options! Don't you think they would look fantastic in your home?