Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sisters, Sunflowers and a Smile

My only sister is moving across the country at the end of this week. A big change for my family since we all live within driving distance and of course for me--she's my best friend. She's nervous too, to venture into unknown territory leaving friends + family behind. The other day while in line at a department store I saw something that gave me an idea to ease the lonliness.

She and I both were discussing the desire for a new scent earlier in the day (seems that is going around!) And there on the counter and on sale were two bottles of Sunflowers Perfume by Elizabeth Arden. When my sister was just old enough to get into makeup and fragrances and other grown up things her scent of choice was this perfume. The smell of it will always make me think of her and of those days when we were young and carefree.

We each bought a bottle and the idea is. Whenever she or I are feeling especially lonely we'll spray on the scent. A little way of knowing that we are always with each other no matter how far away.

Luckily the pefume actually smells really nice and evokes a nice summer feeling. Because it is old and relatively unpopular now it is also dirt cheap! Surprisingly while shopping last week we were complimented on the scent we were wearing too. Added bonus! Pick some up for a cheap summery alternative to your normal scent