Monday, June 1, 2009

Au Revoir!

We began Coveiter over a year ago with a goal to offer fresh, inspiring ideas for breathing sophistication into your daily life. We've done our very best to fulfill this mission with interesting posts, inspiring interviews, creative ideas, exclusive discounts and even fabulous giveaways. We hope that you have enjoyed the past months as much as we have!

As we've grown with the blog, it has gotten harder for us to make time to converge on new ideas and implement the quality posts you fabulous readers deserve. For this reason, we made the tough decision to close the virtual doors of Coveiter. But don't worry, the blog will remain up for you to reference and visit as you desire. And most importantly you will be able to follow us separately as we journey on to new and ever exciting projects.

While we will not be updating Coveiter any longer, we do hope that you–our amazing, supportive and inspiring readers–will bookmark our new sites and continue to meet with us virtually as you've so wonderfully done in the past. It is your comments, links, emails and support that truly make blogging worthwhile.

Please follow us:
Lindsey at A GreatFull Day
Julie at Duet Letterpress

Thank you for your love and support.

Au Revoir,
Lindsey and Julie