Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jonathan Wright

Speaking of Valentine's cards, I got a few samples from the ever fabulous Jonathan Wright. Lovely, lovely, letterpress for romancing your sweetie ANY time of year! The cards, stationery and greetings are hand pressed on a century old's that for charm?!?

I totally love JW's Artful Regards line. In addition to beautiful greetings this stationery features the most gorgeous envelopes ever! All you need is to slap a stamp on them but encircling that stamp will be a pretty message and faux stamps to make the outside as artful as the inside.

Another favorite: the Medallions. I got to check out the Love and Romance medallion which is made with fabulous hand-folded Italian paper. Its packaging makes it perfect for gifting with lovely insignias. A pin on the back makes it easily wearable. My idea: present the honoree at showers, parties, etc with one of these babies. Way more chic than a granny corsage!

Check out Jonathan Wright for pretty stationery for any occasion!