Thursday, January 8, 2009

Home Depot Surprise Find

Last night the hubs and I picked up a few lightbulbs (CFL ones of course!) and ended up looking at outdoor lighting (told ya I was ready for Spring)...then that led me to lamps and to a couple of surprises! Check out the two quite chic lamps I found!

Can you read the price tags? The fabulous white, modern, looks-like-it-would-cost alot more, complete with shade lamp on the left is just under $60! The right lamp in a great gunmetal color with sleek lines: below $50. The shade that accompanies it kind of bugs me but for the price you could find a simple, inexpensive white one and be set! Not too often you can find chic, contemporary lamps (and shades) for such a steal so check out your local store if you are in the market for such lovelies.