Friday, January 30, 2009

Eden's Bouquet

My cousin's best friend just sent over some pics of her gorgeous little one in a custom christening gown. When I saw them, I literally gasped out loud. She is beautiful and her gown is absolutely stunning. The gown details, exquisite. It's actually made from vintage wedding dresses. She ordered the gown from Eden's Bouquet. And I love the company's profile - a small business run by a large family where everyone from Grandpa to the littlest baby contributes, even if it's just inspiration. Love that!

But back to the gown. From their website: "Creamy dupioni silk trimmed with embroidered lace. Swiss pima batiste underskirt with three ruffles. Silk sash & Vintage one of a kind flower pin. Button closure."

Talk about an instant + lovely heirloom.

photos by Kelly Stocksen Photography