Thursday, January 15, 2009

Best Job in the World

Usually help wanted ads with headlines "Best Job in the World" make you skip that listing...surely it is not really the best job in the world. However officials in Queensland Australia are searching for someone to fill the position deemed "Best Job in the World" and the job comes as close as I've seen to living up the hype. Job responsibilities: experience the beauty of the islands and blog about your adventures, feed fish, and otherwise enjoy yourself. The pay/benefits: $105,000 salary for your six months of work, a three bedroom residence on Hamilton Island complete with plunge pool + outstanding views and lots of amazing experiences. Interested? Join the thousands (maybe millions) applying in droves and overloading their servers.

Really...there is no catch. The job is real, it is just an effort to drum up tourism and quite honestly it is turning into amazing publicity.