Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I love Gumbo. But, not just the kind pictured above. Gumbo, the Dish Network channel. Not sure if the channels are the same all over, but it's channel 929. And it's the music of the French Quarter. A classic blend of New Orleans. From Zydeco to Cajun to Jazz to Big Band to Rhythm & Blues to Mardi Gras music and all the colorful beats in between. If you've got the Dish Network, lucky you.

When we visit hubby's family out of town, there's always music playing. And when we come, it's on Gumbo. It's so wonderful. I love the range of the channel. Locally, usually radio music stations are devoted to Cajun or Zydeco or Big Band, not a mixture. But, not Gumbo. It's an eclectic, melting pot of music just like, well, Gumbo.

pic via flickr