Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New House, New Dining Room!

The hubby and I purchased and moved into our first home last month. It has been such an exciting process. As you could probably expect I have been going to town decorating and furnishing. I hope you guys don't mind if I share some of my favorite projects and decorating tips as I go along. It's too fun not too! So without further ado, here we go!

A few weekends ago my mom and hit up a few Estate/Garage Sales. At one sale an interior designer/decorator was purging many of her extremely cool items. We racked up at this sale! One thing I came home with was an antique inlaid wood cornice. It has been rescued from an old home and still had remnants of the original fabric attached. I knew immediately where its new home would be so I set to work. I present to you: How to make a window cornice.

Step 1: Get various supplies: needle-nosed pliers, scissors and lots of patience. The cornice still had remnants of the original fabric that had to be removed and a ton of staples + nails that attached it.

Step 2: Remove said nails + staples.

Step 3: The removal left the wood behind it with holes that weren't too attractive. I took my silk panels to a fabric store and bought matching cording. Hot glue cording to cover ugly holes.

Step 4: Determine the length you want your curtains (and the amount of puddle--if any you want on the floor). Find visual guide and begin attaching (using staple gun) panels in a pleated pattern on reverse (backside) of cornice.

Step 5: Convince hubby to mount cornice to wall.

Step 6: Enjoy your completed dining room.

Yep, that's right, you read correctly. The dining room is done! Cross it off the list! Of course when I say done I mean "ready for visitors." I'm still working on wall art and accessories and the buffet will be a constant source of change but this is one room I can (sort of) cross off the list.

For comparison: here's the dining room furnished by the previous owners, and then as a blank slate.