Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bedroom Redux: Part 1

As you can see I'm taking thing step by step to make the house our home. You've seen the dining room transformation, next up the bedroom. Lots of fun DIY projects and revamps going on here so I'm going to spread out the posts and give you guys the big reveal soon.

First up nightstand change. I love a good garage sale and a few years ago I landed this great dresser for only $20! It is in great shape, has intricate detailing and even dovetail joints! When I purchased this piece (pre-blogging of course, so no pics) it was painted a funky green but I could see the potential. To mesh with my current decor I painted it a cream color, distressed it and added gold accents.

As you will see, our bedroom is bit more glam + mod than the dresser was so I revamped it with a coat (or two) of high gloss white paint. I'm very happy with the results and think it gives the piece a completely new look.

Stayed Tuned for more bedroom updates!