Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Anyone using It's a free online money management site that lets you anonymously organize and keep track of your money. From IRAs to credit cards to personal checking accounts, your whole financial life is viewable in one place.

I like that it can alert you via text or email when your bills are due and when you go over your predetermined budget. I like that it can automatically sort your transactions. For instance, if you make a purchase at Target, it can sort out your groceries from your clothing. Additionally, you can go in and tweak those expenses. For instance, maybe you bought 2 shirts - one for yourself (clothing) and one for your sister (gift). And for us visuals, I like that Mint provides plenty for the eyes to decipher in the form of pie charts and bar graphs.

I currently don't use any programs to track my money, but this looks like an easy to use option.