Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Flipping Out

I have been meaning to post about these for a while...FlipClips. I remember as a child I loved flip books and had the "girl doing a cartwheel" and various others. Fascination with these books ensued. So when I found out about flip clips I definitely knew this was something I could get on board with. So far I have a few clips I wanna see flip and am hoping to order a few books soon. It seems super easy and the price is great.

FlipClips would be a great keepsake for summer activities too. How about your little one running and diving on a Slip 'N Slide or taking a big jump off the pool's diving board. If you have a really little one, pull out the footage of their first teetering steps. Another perfect gift idea! The ideas are endless and super fun too!

How about you? Have you tried flip books?