Monday, June 16, 2008

Destination GPS

My husband and I travel a lot. Aside from weekend trips visiting family, hubby travels a ton with work. A ton. So, we decided to look into getting a GPS.

We researched our little hearts out and decided on the Garmin Nüvi 660. At $350, it was about the top of what we wanted to spend. The only drawback? It didn't have multi-destinations. Other than that, it had everything we needed. We're in no rush, so we decided we'd wait for it to go on sale.

Last Thursday while scoping out Best Buy, hubby found one heck of a deal. The Nüvi 760, originally $600, for $350. Speed limit indicator, built in MP3 player, bluetooth, mulit-destinations (can you say garage sales?). It's got it all. We loaded that sucker in our online cart as fast as our fingers could click buy! And with that, we finally joined the rest of the world. We caved and got a GPS.

In writing this post, I noticed Best Buy no longer has it on sale. Check out Amazon, though. They've got it for about $380. Still a great deal.