Friday, April 25, 2008

Reader Request

Reader Brandy emailed:
I really love seahorses but am very unlucky at finding clothing, accessories or even just little tidbits that have these cute little creatures on them! I am hoping you can help me find something.

Coveiter happily responds:
Seahorses are very cute critters. Of course who wouldn't love an animal where the male has the babies (except maybe, ahem, males!). We rounded up some seahorse finds that will get you started on your quest. Be sure to check out Old Navy stores too, they have some seahorse tanks and jewelry that are not available online. Enjoy!

1. Sea Life Lumbar Pillow Cover
2. Seahorse Lamp
3. Orange Seahorse Chaise Cover
4. Sweet Papillion Seahorse Necklace
5. Enamel Seahorse Bracelet
6. Letarte Seahorse Bikini
7. Seahorse Screenprint
8. Seahorse Cuff Bracelet
9. Seahorse Wine Aerator
10. Kate Spade Seahorse Sandals
11. Giant Seahorse Beach Towel
12. Trophy Seahorse Tote