Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reader Request

Reader Jackie emailed us this request:
I am trying to locate unique bridesmaid gifts for my three bridesmaids. I don't want to do the usual jewelry thing. Any ideas?

Coveiter happily responds:
As weddings become more and more unique brides like yourself are looking for more personal bridal party gifts as well. Any repeat bridesmaid will appreciate a useful and thoughtful gift and first timers will love your creativity. Below are some of our favorite ideas sure to make every girl wishes she was a member of your bridal party.

1. Custom Photo Charm/Pendant
(use a photo of the two of you together, bonus points for childhood photos. The charm can adorn her bouquet on the wedding day, then she can wear it as a necklace afterwards!)
2. Philosophy The Bridal Party Set
3. LILL Studio Custom Handbag
(select one style and get a different fabric for each girl)
4. Eleni's All Made Up Cookies and a certificate for hair and/or makeup on wedding day
5. Lulu Stampable Note Cards
6. Monogram Paperweight