Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Children's Cookbook Collection Part One

As a young girl my mom sent away for a cookbook for my sister and I. It was one of those send in a UPC and we'll give you a cookbook to entice you to use our product type things. But the cookbook was colorful and cute so it was worth it. I remember loving that little book and dreaming of cooking up all the concoctions.

Little did my mom know that this would instill a love of cookbooks that led to my collection. Currently I have a small sash of mostly vintage children's cookbooks. I hunt for these suckers at garage sales, on ebay and antique stores. On occasion, a current or newer book will make it into the collection. I love, love, love the vintage illustrations and the whimsy of the cookbooks. Because they cater to children, the art work is bumped up a notch. Fabulous!

Over the next week I'll be sharing some excerpts from my favorites. Above is the book that started it all: "The AlphaBakery." I had it as a child and I am not sure if it is old enough to be considered vintage but it is amazing nonetheless.

I fell in love with the book below on ebay and swore I'd be a victorious bidder. Upon winning, I shared my prize with my mom who exclaimed she had this book as a child. She treasured the "Fun to Cook Book" but it had been misplaced over the years. Now she fights with me for it and I continue to be amazed at how similar our tastes are!