Friday, April 11, 2008

Bonnes Nouvelles

We explained how our little blog became known as Coveiter, but we're sure you are curious about some of the other terms we've been tossing around. So friends, welcome to Coveiter 101. Here you will learn the meanings behind the French terms sprinkled throughout our site. Without further ado, class is in session!

bon appétit - Thought we'd start with an easy one! Literal translation is "good appetite," but the phrase is more often used to mean "happy eating." Bon appétit is the category for our recipe posts. Browse it for lots of yummy treats.

bon marché - A little harder...bon marché means "good market" or "good deal." Bon marché showcases discounts and specials available only to our readers. We'll continue to do our best to post special deals on great products and services you covet.

bonne chance - Perhaps easy to guess, bonne chance translates to "good luck." Free giveaways and contests are posted in this section. Grab your good luck charm and get ready to win!

bonnes nouvelles - Nearing the end of the lesson, bonnes nouvelles means "good news." We post blog announcements, information and other blog news under this heading.

etsy envie - The final word for today, envie, translates to "envy," but it is often used to mean "want." We use etsy envie to showcase highly covetable etsy items and feature these etsy sellers and stores every Tuesday and Thursday.

This wraps up today's lesson and explains the new labels that have been popping up on our site. We have some very exciting posts to be filed under these categories so stay tuned! Oh, and we almost forgot - class is dismissed!