Friday, March 14, 2008

More Than Cute Shoes

Every now and then, a story just touches your heart. One of my photographer idols Zen Todd has been blogging his son Hunter's battle with AML Leukemia. At only 14 months old, little Hunter was diagnosed with the deadly disease and has been battling it like a real trooper ever since. I check the blog Healing Hunter often to check up on him regularly. On my last visit the first post was so touching as I read how so many contribute to helping his son recover.

One of several companies donating profits to Hunter's healing is Anabella Scarpa. They designed a special and adorable shoe, and named it after him. All the proceeds of this shoe will be donated to Hunter's future. The shoes are adorable, reasonably priced and supportive of this little boy's medical needs. I really can't find one reason not to buy them for every little one I know!

We wish Hunter and his family all the best.
Hunter's photo by Zen Todd