Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Soap For/From Every Man

Being a graphic designer, I am a sucker for packaging. I have been known on more than one occasion to purchase an item solely because I can't resist it's skin! When I do this and the contents turn out to be just as great, I am elated. This was the case with Every Man Jack.

One day while perusing the soap aisle to replenish the hubby's supply, I came across a sleek modern package that stood out from the rest. I purchased this intriguing packaging for Every Man Jack body bars in tea tree for the scent drifting through the box. Once home, I was happy to see the soap was square and had a woodgrain pattern. My hubby liked the look of it. I guess the woodgrain appealed to his masculine side. After a week or so of trying on this new soap, he commented on how he really liked it. Quite a surprise to me, since he usually keeps mum on product prefrence. Since it got rave reviews from my quiet consumer, I though surely this stuff must be good.

Visit the Every Man Jack website or pick some up at your local Target.