Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nie Nie Day Silent Auction

Yesterday we announced our full support in assisting fellow blogger, Stephanie Nielson (also known as Nie Nie) and her family as they recover physically, mentally and financially. Their road ahead is uncertain and we want to help out in any way we can. Please read more about their story here, here or here. We've hopped on the band wagon Design Mom so generously put wheels on, and will be celebrating Nie Nie day today with a silent auction.

Up for grabs? One large ad on our blog for 4 long months.
See that top ad spot all the way to the right? That's right. You can be featured right there until the end of the year. That means all throughout the super important holiday season. If you have a shop or etsy store, this ad will bring awareness to your shop and boost your sales. If you need a web presence to advertise your services, this will do the trick. If you have a blog of your own and want a bump in traffic, here's your opportunity! We're trusting you, bidders, that your blog-shop-product-ad will be in good taste. Best of all, along with a big ole ad on such a great blog (wink, wink), you will also be doing your part to help Nie Nie and her family during their time of need.

So, you're interested right? Who wouldn't be! So, let us tell you about the rules.

  • To place your bid please leave a comment with your name, email address and bid amount.
  • Bidding will begin at $10.
  • Comments are for bids only. Please email us with any specific questions or comments.
  • If you have a blogger/gmail account you can sign in and check "Email follow-up comments" to receive bid updates and know if you've been outbid.
  • Bids are only accepted in $1 increments (ie. $20, $21, $22, etc). No pennies or nickels please. Remember to be generous, this is all for a good cause.
  • The silent auction will run until midnight CST on Thursday, September 4th.
  • You can bid multiple times if you've been outbid. In fact, please do! Bid, bid and bid again!
  • At the end of the auction we will contact you via the email address you've left.
  • The winner will then make a payment for the winning bid amount directly into the Stephanie Nielson Fund's PayPal account.
  • Please forward us the receipt along with your ad and we'll get your ad on our blog in no time. (If you require assistance designing your ad, just let us know.)
Again, remember this is not about what you'll win. That's just a bonus. It's all about helping out a great family who needs our support. Bid generously. If your high bid is surpassed or you just want to donate, please click here. There you can donate any amount directly to the Stephanie Nielson Fund. Please spread the word via twitter, facebook, myspace, email, or your blog. Spread it everywhere and be sure to check out all the other auctions going on today. You can find them here.  

And without further ado, let the bidding begin!