Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nie Nie Day

So, tomorrow is Nie Nie Day as declared by Design Mom. For a little background, you can read more about The Nielsen Family here.

Lindsey and I knew we needed to help. So, we're joining the rest of blogland and hosting a silent auction tomorrow with the proceeds benefiting the The Nielsen family. All funds will go directly to Stephanie & Christian to help pay for their medical bills and their household management as they recover.

What's that you say? What are we auctioning? We knew you'd be curious! Lindsey and I put on our thinking caps and decided we're going to auction off Coveiter ad space. We're talking an awesomely large 4 month ad to be featured right here on Coveiter. Prime space. During the oh so hot season of Christmas. This is the time for your shop-blog-product to shine!

So, tell everyone you know and come back here bright and early tomorrow with your wallet in hand!

Image via Design Mom & Blue Lily Photography