Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bon Marché { 10% off at Made By Girl }

We have an extra beautiful deal for our readers today! Made by Girl just released a new and fabulous digital print today that we are totally coveting, called "i love hUe."

Jennifer is offering Coveiter readers a 10% discount on this great print or any other item from Just enter the code COVEITER at checkout. Visit her store today to purchase your colorific piece and brighten your day!

Jennifer says about her piece: This 'classic' color wheel (featured in this design below) was pioneered by Johannes Itten in the mid 1900s. Itten developed a new kind of color wheel that changed the way color was seen. This wheel is still in use today and you can now hang it in your office, home, kid's room or even give it away as a gift!