Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Clingy Things

Everyone has lost their glass of wine at a party leaving two options: wasting a perfectly fine drink or risking picking up another's cooties by grabbing what you think may be your glass. Ever lose your water bottle in the office fridge? Having a wine tasting and need to distinguish your varities? Want to keep Mr. Muscles from sipping your water bottle at the gym? All of these annoying issues can be resolved by one visit to Clingy Thingy Labels.

Clingy Thingy Drink Labels let you choose from a variety of different motifs to fit your mood, whim or interest! Numbers are available too for tastings and organizing. Custom labels can also be made for weddings, parties, etc. These are not only functional, but would make a great gift for a hostess...what a way to dress up the typical bottle of wine. Clingy things are easy to apply and remove, making them a hip alternative to wine charms.