Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bon Appétit

{ Bird's Nest Cupcakes }

A few days ago it hit me that Easter was just a few weeks away, so I started brainstorming for a cute, spring-like treat for the holiday. For me, this holiday is synonymous with spring and for some reason, I couldn't get little birdies out of my head. Today, I brought my brainstorm to life, and am pretty happy with the results. My Bird's Nest Cupcakes are a yummy and fun way to bring springtime indoors. They are made with easily accessible ingredients and can quickly be made before holiday gatherings.

Dark Chocolate Cupcake Mix (I used Betty Crocker Moist Deluxe)
Ingredients listed on cupcake mix box
Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting
Chocolate Sprinkles (I used Wilton)
Cadbury Mini Eggs
Pastel colored cupcake liners

Fill cupcake pan with liners. Bake cupcakes as directed on box and allow to cool completely. Frost cupcakes. Add sprinkles to the perimeter of the cupcake, leave center sprinkle-free. Add 3 mini eggs to the empty centers. Display on grass, in a dome, or wherever your heart desires! Get creative!