Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Hair Days

Let me give you a little bit of hair history...I've always had uber thick hair. And by thick I mean when my mom would try to put my hair in a ponytail as a child she couldn't even get the rubberband to wrap twice! Fast forward to now and my hair has thinned some but I've always been doomed with looooong blow-drying sessions.

Well my buddy over at Sally Beauty Supplies saved the day a few weeks ago when she sent me a Tool Science Ceramic Hair Dryer. That night my life changed a bit! My hair drying time went from 40 minutes to 10. And the underside of my hair is totally dry too! Using a round brush I'm often able to leave my Chi turned off too! Oh and let me mention the shiny, smooth hair benefits too. I haven't switched shampoo since I started using this dryer and the first time I used it I noticed how much softer and smoother my hair is!

So yea, I'm sold! The dryer runs about $60 but it is SO worth it for all the time I'm saving. And my hair looks and feels great too so I'm just loving it. I hadn't been to Sally Beauty Supply since high school when I was searching for dance recital supplies but this gadget has me thinking they could be a girl's best friend!