Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sugar, Sugar

I was totally spoiled this year for my birthday...I am so blessed! My hubby & parents got together to purchase a special treat that was on my wish list. A sugar kettle!

Sugar kettles are a southern staple and have a great history. Once technology made the plantation days of sugar cane farming extinct the kettles found other uses. If you are in southern Louisiana you'll frequently spot them being used as fountains. I wanted one to add a little charm to backyard.

So Saturday the hubs and I picked up our very own sugar kettle and set to work. We placed the kettle on level ground and got the fountain mechanisms set up. Then we did a bit of landscaping around our kettle to create a pretty little outdoor vignette. Hostas, Dusty Millers, Butterfly Irises, Agapanthus, Salvia, Kangaroo Paws, Wave Petunias, and more filled the space. Adding a few aquatic plants will keep the water clean and soon we'll had a pair of fish.

After a fun day in the sunny weather we have a beautiful fountain and a nice focal point to enjoy year round. Now that's a gift that keeps on giving!