Monday, November 10, 2008

Shoeboxes Of Hope

The holidays are around the will be December before we know it, and Christmas day even quicker. I know on our blog we often focus on lovely gifts, trinkets and covetables. We are so lucky to be able to dream about and sometimes get our hands on such amazing goodies. As the Christmas season draws near focus is shifting to what to get for this friend and that hard to shop for family member. But many out there have no one thinking of them in that way. So many little children have never had a single toy to play with or ever unwrapped a gift.

Operation Christmas Child seeks to bring hope and joy to children in desperate situations around the world. And it is so easy to help their mission. If you have a shoe box and a few extra bucks you could make a huge difference in a child's life. To participate all you have to do is fill a standard sized shoe box with fun treats to brighten a child's day. It can be simple, sweet items that don't cost much money...remember these children will be so thankful and excited to have anything. The thought is what truly counts. Drop off points are located all over the country and will be open November 17 thru 24th. OCC will take care of getting these boxes out to little ones all over the world.

I am excited to be putting together shoe boxes to drop off. It makes me happy to think of the smiling faces that will be produced from this great cause. Many families say that when they explain the project to their own children it becomes a fun, easy way to get them involved in charity and the true Christmas spirit. Please take a look at this website for more info and put together a box of your own. My goal this Christmas season is to concentrate on the spirit of giving in many forms, not just retail oreinted. Will you join me?