Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Reader Request

Erika emailed: You girls are definitely retail geniuses. And because of that, I'm asking for a bit of a favor.

My dear cousin (who is marrying my college boyfriend, juicy stuff!) is planning a beautiful destination wedding in Colorado this February and wants to create meaningful and resort-appropriate goodie bags for her guests. The one item she is missing are simple silver sleigh ornaments. I'm pretty good at finding just about anything online but have come up empty handed. Any ideas? She needs to track down 25-30 if you gals can offer any suggestions or links. Thanks in advance and keep up the awesome blog!

Coveiter happily responds: What a lovely + thoughtful gift to offer her guests! Below are a couple of options I dug up. Some are definitely thinking outside of the box, but I thought I should include them. Also, if one company doesn't have the quantity she's looking for, she could easily mix it up by offering a variety of options. Good luck and happy planning!

Sleigh Ornament Papercut - A modern take on the classic sleigh. 

Lace Santa Sleigh Ornament - Might be stretching it a bit. But, it's a really good price point. She could maybe message the seller to see if they would be able to embroidery it in silver thread.

Fine Pewter Ornament - They specialize in custom designs for special events.

Old Fashioned Sleigh Ornament - Another take on the sleigh. Like a few of the others, this one is pewter.

Sleigh Ride Pewter Ornament - Sleigh plus a scene. 

Sleigh Ornament - She can engrave this one with her own message. Perhaps her name + the groom's name and/or date?

Sterling Silver One Horse Open Sleigh Ornament - Ah, finally a sterling silver one. And, it's on sale! If she loves this one, she may want to contact them asap to see if they have the quantity she needs in stock. And, who knows - they may offer her a bulk discount.

Have a reader request? Shoot us an email! We'd be happy to do the hunting for you!