Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reader Request

Sara emailed: We are about to move into a new house, and my husband has all sorts of plans for linking the computer into our TV, which means it will be in our family room. I've found a nice computer armoire to keep that mess contained, but now I'm looking for an office chair that doesn't look like an office chair. Something that you can sit in to work on the computer, but also looks decent enough to seem like it belongs in a family room when the computer is not being used. Does such a thing exist?

Coveiter happily responds: Perhaps the best way to end up with a chair that doesn't look overly office-y is to avoid shopping anywhere that sells staplers--we scoured some of our favorite home stores for better options. Look for a chair that will be comfortable enough to work in but without the typical sterile look of mass produced work seats. Here we have options that will blend with a comfy living room environment, while serving as a desk chair and even doubling as extra seating. Good luck! Let us know what you decide.

1 Bankers Armless Chair, 2 Oskaka Round Back Armchair, 3 Seagrass Chair, 4 Hartman Desk Chair, 5 Prescott Chair, 6 Overlapping Squares Chair

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