Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I am hooked on Take-Out Photo. I love the creative photography ideas on Marc's blog. Although I have access to many pro photo tools, tips and treats there is something great about his simple ideas that cater to anyone with a little photo experience. His Christmas card ideas are great...check them out if you need some inspiration.

Great news, is he is now offering prints in an Etsy store, specifically his ABCs of Paris Prints. Give the story of his ABCs of Paris project a read. The idea is just great. The photos totally frameable. For those who love Paris they make a perfect gift, for those of us patiently waiting to visit a great temporary fix. The prints are 5x5" so they'd be great in a grouping spelling out a french word (coveiter perhaps?). Oh yea, and can we say nicely priced at 15 bucks a pop? Très magnifique!