Thursday, September 4, 2008

Etsy Envie

**Once again, I must implore you...proceed with caution. The following post may cause excessive drooling, stomach growling and waistline expansion. Please enter only on a full stomach. Coveiter cannot be held responsible for weight gain, accidents occurring due to drool covered surfaces, sugar comas or momentary lack of monetary management produced by this post. Thank you! **

{ The Wave Break: Bake Shop }

Offerings: Truly outrageous and delicious brownies

I thought it was time to post another drool-inducing Etsy store. Don't these brownies look absolutely delectable? How yummy is the sound of Chocolate Turtle Brownies, Pralines and Cream Blondies, Fudge Caramel Blondies, and Chocolate Cappuccino Brownies to name a few. These treats are supposed to be super dense, moist, and delicious...I know I'd love to take a taste test!