Friday, September 12, 2008


I heart Pantone and when I heard of their Colorstrology website via How About Orange, I headed right over. After clicking on your birth month and date and it gives you your personal color. This color "reflects the very essence of your specific birth date" much like a horoscope or numerology.

Be it known, I don't really devote too much belief in those types of things, but every now and then they come out pretty accurate and surprise me. Well this was one of those times! After finding that my color is Dusty Jade Green, I read a pretty darn accurate description of myself and my personality. Best off all, the shades of my birth month, March, are colors I am using in my new home! How great is that?

This is a fun little treat for a Friday. Visit the site and leave a comment letting me know if your color prediction was as accurate as mine.