Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bridal Chameleon

As a photographer, one of my blogging idols is the most fabulous Jasmine Star and I visit her blog daily (actually, she's on my reader). Aside from A.MA.ZING photos her blog is also inspiring in the fashion and entertainment decor areas. Last week one of her brides really inspired me.

Nicole (the bride) is the owner and CEO of Nicolita Swimwear (which is totally worth a virtual visit) and as such she totally rocked her use of fantastic seamstresses to come up with an original dress that is not online stunning but super functional. The dress was comprised of two pieces that when connected looked like one beautiful gown, but when unzipped became a sexy little cocktail dress. Can we say way easier to dance in? Cheers to Nicole on her nuptials and for proving fashion can meet function in an oh-so-stylish way!

* All of these beautiful photos are property of Jasmine Star.