Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wedding Day Rock Star

Everyone (at least everyone I know) secretly wishes on some level to look like a rock star at some point in their lives. I know sometimes I think of what the "soundtrack" to my life as a movie would be. And how awesome would it be to be make to look absolutely celebretastic (yea, I made up a word) on one of the most important+exciting days of your life?!? Well, this lucky bride got just that. I present to you the most amazing, rock star, music video-esque, I-so-wish-I'd-known-about-these-guys-and-lived-in-canada-when-i-got-married video ever!

Oh yea, and this is a Same Day Edit, meaning it is not even the final cut. Meaning it will get even better. Wow!

Video by
StillMotion, via Weddingbee.