Friday, August 29, 2008


Have you seen the new collaboration from Krups and Heineken? I'd like to introduct you to the BeerTender has a pleasant design and is intended to serve as your own mini draught beer server. An easy to read LCD panel allows you to program temperature, check freshness and remaining volume.

While the idea of this product is appealing for any beer lover (think lots of men) there are some issues that make it impractical in my opinion:

  • The DraughtKegs only hold about 20 eight ounce servings
  • The BeerTender costs $280 to $300 depending on model
  • Installing each new DraughtKeg requires the purchase of a new Beertender tube ($12)
  • And perhaps most importantly and sort of obvious the machine is designed to only work with Heineken DraughtKegs (which are readily available at your local grocer).

Having learned all of this, what do you think? Would the beer lover in your life think it's worth it?