Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I just discovered this fabulous product that I just have to share. It's called Soak, and it's a fine fabrics wash that is biodegradable, rinse-free, phosphate-free, and gentle on fibers and your hands. It is also very safe on the family dog. Yep, even the dog. Since it's rinse-free, it's extremely gentle on the fibers, making it perfect for lingerie, cashmere, silk, wool, baby clothes and lots knitters' projects. It comes in several soft scents and an unscented version, too.

Soak is really wonderful! I tucked one of their Mini-soaks into my luggage for our trip to San Antonio and used it to hand-wash my bathing suit and delicate shrug right there in my hotel. Easy peasy and no need to tote around a ziploc of grainy laundry detergent. That stuff never seems to come out anyway.