Friday, June 27, 2008

Go Pick Your Own!

Summer makes me crave + love the fresh berries and other produce readily available. Wanna know what is better than biting into a sweet fruit on a hot afternoon? Biting into a sweet fruit you picked yourself! has made it easy to do just that. This site compiles a list of pick your own farms across the the country. It is a great outing and little ones would love it too! Not only is picking your own fruits and veggies fun but it is a greener way to get your produce, supports family farms, and often leaves you with fresher or even organic products. Best of all it is an inexpensive way to stock up on produce to bake with, make jellies + jams with, and freeze for when summer's days are long gone. Yum!

And once you have a bounty of fresh yummies pick up Pretty Pantry Gifts: A Recipe and Wrapping Kit for Jams, Sauces, and Pickles. What a great opportunity to spend time in the kitchen and come out with cute homemade gifts and stock for your own home!
{ Berry photos from Astrid Photography, Hoot Owl, Mark_k_nj, Van Swearingen }