Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Etsy Envie

{ The Spiderbite Boutique }

Offerings: Nightmare Snatcher Journals

Have you ever seen anything cuter to rid your kids of their fears? With names like Lumpkin and Swampmop and a poem to boot, these journals are sure to keep the bumps in the night from bumping! They can even be customized in your child's favorite color! I think the poem says it best:

"I'm called a Nightmare Snatcher
And a daymare catcher too.
I snatch up all the frightening things
And keep them far from you.

Scary dreams and scary thoughts
And things you dread to see;
Terrors real or make-believe
Give them all to me.

Write them down and draw them out
I'll help you face the fear.
Then close me up, I'll snatch them tight
And keep them trapped in here."