Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Reader Request

Debbie emailed: I love your style. A while back you showed a set of tableware with a fleur de lis on a white background. I'm looking for a set of white dinnerware with a starfish imprint on it. (Just like the fleur de lis but a starfish) Can you help?

Coveiter happily responds: With summer around the corner, it is no surprise that readers are wanting to incorporate beachy items into their decor. While we did our absolute best to find the exact same dinnerware but with a starfish, even the Coveiter girls have no luck sometimes! Though our finds are not identical to the product we featured, we think these are pretty close and definitely classic and stylish enough for any table. Another option: use plain white pieces and use starfish accents. Hope this helps! Best of luck!

1. Mariposa Beaded Napkin Holder with Starfish Weight
2. Sanibel Sands Starfish and Seashell Plates
3. Sanibel Sands Starfish Shaped Plates
4. Starfish Glazed Square Plates
5. Vietri Sabbia Starfish Plates
6. Vietri Incanto Mare Starfish Plates
7. Starfish Napkin Rings