Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just Donut it!

This weekend on a quick getaway the hubs and I stopped a the famous Shipley Do-nuts for a snack. If you are ever near a Shipley Donuts, I highly recommend you drop in for a treat. I went for a cream filled treat* that was super tasty but they have 63 varieties to appeal to palettes of all kinds. One I found interesting was the cherry glazed--I've never seen that one before! After years of hearing drool worthy tales I can vouch that this place is worth a stop!

Visit their website for a recipe that sounds uber yummy to me.

*All treats were devoured before proper photo documentation could take place. My apologies. Therefore I referred to the following fickr users for yummy visuals for your enjoyment: Choctopus and Disorderly Dachshunds.