Monday, April 14, 2008

Diapers & Dishes

I hosted a Diaper & Dish shower for my cousin this past weekend. Diaper & Dish showers are great for mom's like her who already have children. These showers help moms-to-be-again with gifts they can't reuse from previous children. Guests either bring a pack of diapers or a freezable dish with directions on how to reheat. After the baby is born, mom has to run to the store less and has meals she can simply heat and serve.

I designed the invitations and printed them on simple white cardstock using my home printer. I bought coordinating paper and lined the envelopes and used my handy dandy Xyron Model Create-A-Sticker Sticker Maker to make matching seals.

For decor, I made a diaper cake. I used polka dot ribbon to fit the tone set by the invites. Some cute baby shoes, onesie, wash cloths and miniature Johnson's baby products served as the cake's decoration.

Our guest of honor received lots of yummy meals and plenty of diapers. Now we are just waiting on baby!