Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yöghund Doggie Treats

Pets truly have become a part of the modern day family, and it is no surprise that the desire for healthy organic treats for pooches has blossomed. After 20 years in business, The Barking Dog, Inc. filled this demand with yöghund. It's organic frozen yogurt with all the benefits of live cultures, organic bananas, organic peanuts and pure spring water. It's healthy and full of flavor with no additives, no fillers, no chemicals.

I think I am going to order some for my own furry child as a refreshing treat on the hot days sure to come. Yöghund seems to get rave reviews from fellow hounds, so I am sure that my little one will love it. Don't these eyes say "let me in, and feed me some frozen yogurt??" (shameless plug of my own adorable pooch below)