Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Grown Up Beverage, No I.D. Required

While perusing the extensive beverage selection at The Fresh Market today, I was drawn to bottles with the name GuS. The glass bottles were adorned with clean white labels that popped with images of fruit. GuS is an acronym for Grown-Up Soda, so that explains the nice packaging!

Their website describes these clever sodas as "the first soda made truly for adult palates. It’s less sweet than typical flavored sodas, juice drinks and bottled teas. It has distinctive, dry flavors for discriminating taste buds, made from real juices and extracts. And it’s nicely carbonated for added crispness and refreshment. Plus, GuS is 100% natural, kosher and has no preservatives or caffeine. They're lightly sweetened with natural cane sugar, with only 90 - 98 calories in each 12oz. bottle."

I tried the Dry Pomegranate and it was yummy! I intended on taking an up close and personal photo for you guys but I scarfed it all down too quickly! Another interesting GuS benefit is their website gives recipes for GuS cocktails that sound super tasty too. These bad boys have now found a permanent home in my fridge.