Thursday, March 27, 2008

Etsy Envie

{ lil b designs }

Offerings: Dine & Doodle Placemats and Roll.n.Go Crayons

Lil b designs says it best, "Dine & Doodle placemats are on-the-go fun for child's play, drawing, writing, and games while also providing your child a safe, clean area for meals. Use anytime and anywhere to entertain your little one -- in restaurants, at home, on planes, in the car, during's not just for meal time. Tap into your child's inner-Van Gogh on the chalkcloth side. Then, when your child's meal is ready, simply wipe down the chalkcloth and flip it over for a vibrant colorful clean placemat. Afterwards, roll up your Dine & Doodle and tie it with the grosgrain ribbon. A handy holder keeps the chalk. Stores easily in a purse or diaper bag, where it's always handy for the next time."

Available in lots of fun prints and colors. These are a genius way to keep things clean and fun!