Thursday, February 28, 2008

Off The Wall

I know far to well the perils of renting, especially the no permanent alterations rule, which includes doing really fun things to the walls. What are apartment dwellers or unable-to-commit-homeowners to do? Visit blik of course!

Blik offers oversize, removable decals they dub as "stickers for adults." These decals allow you to easily transform the look of your home in minutes. You just peel, stick and accept lots of compliments. Whenever you get sick of your design, be it a day or a decade later, just remove it! Talk about an easy way to give your room a makeover--it's the home version of a lunch break facial!

Blik offers great children's designs too. They're perfect for really decking out a nursery or toddler's room and can come down when they outgrow cutesy and want a "big kid's room."

Of all the Blik products, their Prose line is my favorite. Upload your favorite poem, love note, quote, joke, well you get the idea, and they will create a custom decal for you. What a fresh way to decorate! Now, if only I had a fireplace...